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Why take our courses?

Why take our courses?

We give our course participants an education par excellence. Our training program uses the same textbooks/course content as taught at acclaimed teacher training colleges in the United States. Comparing knowledge, our graduates are compatible with graduates of four-year colleges.
Due to our excellent training, our graduates find jobs in the most demanding schools in the Middle East, South Korea and many other countries around the world. Maryam, one of our New York graduates, was hired on the spot and so was Devon who went to the same school in New York City. Our graduates work for Kaplan’s International Colleges, the United Nation’s School, Yale University, King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, Eton College in Dubai, and many other prestigious educational institutions around the world.
Coming to us is a surefire way of traveling the road to excellence as a teaching professional and becoming the kind of teacher schools desire to employ. We do not just sell you a certificate; we make sure you have the skills required in the industry. With training staff that holds an MA TESOL, we can look back at training teachers for over 15 years; we call ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to offer that type of experience in a TEFL trainer to those individuals who want to become teachers with our organization.
One thing we can guarantee our graduates is that they will pick up knowledge combined with enthusiasm for teaching English and the kind of professional ethics that will impress upon the schools.

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