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Ayesha Ikram

A qualified and experienced English language and literature instructor having broad exposure to formal
and informal education. Highly motivated and enthusiastic about developing positive relationships with
students to inspire them, with teachers and parents to achieve the objective of effective student
Hands-on experience and academic knowledge have helped to develop myself as a highly-skilled individual
proficient in English language and literature coaching. Effectively performs classroom management,
student counseling and report writing tasks
Possesses well-developed research and Management skills, experienced in technology supported
Marketing designing and adept in multi-cultural instruction methods. Effectively providing psychological
support to students and teachers, to ensure a smooth learning process
Has strong interest and deep knowledge of English literature and teaching methodologies. Capable of
making use of different linguistics teaching methods, skilled in planning strategies and applying those for
the development of students to resolve academic problems related to subject faced by students
Fluent in English, Arabic, and local language to effectively communicate and eliminate communication
barriers faced in the teaching and learning process. A highly effective communicator with great people skills
along with strong leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.

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